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Archive for November 2012

How to transport 18,000 lbs. of ice

It is certainly difficult to imagine what 18,000 lbs. of ice would look like.   Now, can you imagine how you would arrange to get it from Montreal to Toronto, ensuring it arrives in its frozen state, for a time critical filming shoot for a television commercial???

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10 mistakes to avoid when selecting a Last Mile delivery provider (Part II)

Welcome to our continued investigation on preventing “buyer’s remorse” during the 3PL selection process.   We have prepared a list of 10 mistakes you can (and should) avoid during this process, and began to highlight some of them in a previous blog post. Our intent is to continue to uncover the list in its entirety over…

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Announcing our new 3PL/brokerage division, Precision Supply Chain Solutions (PSCS)

ASL Distribution continues to grow!   We are excited to announce the launch of our new 3PL/brokerage division, Precision Supply Chain Solutions (PSCS).  “Our customers are seeking high quality service between the United States and Canada and in response to their demands, we are launching our 3PL/brokerage division, Precision Supply Chain Solutions.” said Cole Dolny,…

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