Final Mile Areas of Coverage

Ontario and Quebec (401 / QEW Corridor)

ASL has you covered for the Final Mile (last mile delivery) along the 401 and QEW corridors.

We cover 50+% of Canadian market through the 401 corridor. 

We currently cover within a 125 km radius of:

  • Windsor, ON
  • London, ON
  • Hamilton, ON
  • Mississauga, ON
  • Pickering, ON
  • Ottawa, ON
  • Barrie, ON
  • Orillia, ON
  • Oakville, ON
  • Winnipeg, MB
  • Montreal, QC
  • Drummondville, QC

Special Needs?

We can also develop custom solutions for other areas on sufficient volume.


Customized Brand Solutions

Your brand is vital to your business and needs to be visible from point of purchase to delivery. You need a Final Mile provider capable of developing customized solutions, including details such as

  • Professional and courteous drivers who are uniformed
  • brand messaging with delivery
  • box placement/desktop services
  • recycling programs, and whatever else reinforces your brand.

The Precision Home & Office Deliveries division of ASL works with you to plan and execute final mile strategies that help build your brand equity.

And, since the face of your brand is the delivery person, it's good to know that our drivers average over 99.5% on-time delivery with an industry leading OS/D and claims ratio, and consistently earn a 10 out of 10 when end-customers are asked about their delivery experience.


Delivering Your Brand; We've Got You Covered to the Final Mile

Precision Home & Office Deliveries division specializes in the careful delivery of products to homes and offices, schools, hospitals and direct to stores — and we specialize in awkward sized / non-conveyable shipments.  

We provide Next Day / Same Day Blow Out Distribution of both courier to small LTL size shipments, and even awkward-sized freight in between). 

We also fulfil linehaul and deliveries for conjunctive deliveries, Drop Ship Vendors (DSV’s), retail, catalogue and residential deliveries.


Precision Home & Office Deliveries delivers final mile small courier package traditionally delivered by couriers. With Precision Home & Office Deliveries you eliminate the risk of split shipments — common with other couriers.

Precision Home & Office Deliveries lays a foundation of process, discipline and infrastructure.  Rather than flowing thousands of orders on conveyer belts, we split volumes by region and then reassemble each order by delivery location before loading onto local delivery trucks.  This allows us to ensure that each order has the right boxes loaded on the right trucks, and is applied and monitored once at the delivery location.

Over-Size, Non-Conveyable and Over-Weight

Precision Home & Office Deliveries has heard this question many times before. Large, oversize, and over-weight and multi-box orders can be very expensive with traditional partners.

This is why Precision Home & Office Deliveries specialized in this niche market — acquiring the right equipment and tools to manage this type of delivery more cost-effectively. 

Instead of multiple vendors — and still paying too much on some shipments — Precision Home & Office Deliveries can be your single source to cost-effecitvely deliver all your needs.

truckload transportation - courier-male-2

Custom Messaging

Custom messaging is one way we uniquely support your brand — a message consistent with your brand image.  We can even customize the brand experience to your exact needs.

Our drivers are trained to cater to the needs of each customer with a smile and a thank you with a custom message if you wish, such as "Thank you for ordering from X brand. See you next time."

Why drivers are so important?

Our drivers are trained to behave courteously and serve your customers professionally — and with a smile. Each driver has a regular route and can get to know each customer, allowing us to act as an extension to your business.

We are proud of our low turn-over rate on drivers. We know how frustrating a high turn-over rate in drivers can be for you, especially when they have specific requirements at the delivery location.


Dedicated Fleet vs. Conjunctive Fleet vs. Hybrid

When you entrust your eCommerce order fulfilment, shipping, warehousing and distribution needs to a transportation provider, you want to know your chosen vendor can offer you dedicated services along with its conjunctive network.

With Precision Home & Office Deliveries’ Dedicated Fleet services, you can select to have our fleet display your brand with pride, with your logo or decals on our trucks and driver uniforms. We will operate as an extension to your organization and will protect your brand by ensuring we have the right drivers and the right delivery processes in place.

Two trucks 1127

Hybrid solutions

We also offer hybrid solutions.  Very popular with our clients is our unique hybrid in a hybrid, where larger centers such as Toronto outsource trucks in the heart of their fleet area, making it easier for:

  1. A 3PL provider that can flex capacity by 100 percent, supporting peak season and optimizing capacity and the costs of your own fleet;
  2. Head-to-head competition helps performance of both your own fleet and 3PL;
  3. Implement a preventative and back-up plan to any third party labour intervention
  4. Reduce costs by decreasing travel time / stem miles.
  5. Reduce costs through route density optimization including the effective mixing of furniture and supplies.

Regardless of whether you require a full truckload, less-than-truckload or parcel courier delivery services, Precision Home & Office Deliveries has a proven track record in designing and implementing a fleet model to suit your needs. Call us to find out more about the tools we use to operate dedicated fleets vs. conjunctive models and the various hybrid models developed over time to offer the best of both worlds, or to leverage your company fleet with an outsourced option with Precision Home & Office Deliveries.

Desktop and Box Placement

At Precision Home & Office Deliveries, we are experts in:

  • Desktop deliveries
  • Box placement at your customers’ location.

Today, companies — and even residences — have increasingly complex delivery requirements:

  • straight to a specific department
  • to a person’s office
  • to a storage or locker room
  • to a specific floor of an apartment building.

Our delivery model is designed to manage even the most complex scenarios when delivering to homes, hospitals, schools, retailers, office buildings, government buildings, condominiums and other locations that might have unique requirements. Our services include:

  • Leading edge technology providing live track and trace visibility
  • Porch, threshold and white glove options
  • Light assembly, dunnage removal, booties, room/floor of choice
  • Origins include FC and drop ship locations.

Our drivers:

  • Are uniformed and professional
  • We wear white booties during home deliveries
  • Will place your products exactly where your customer wants us to
  • Are safe and qualified through extensive background checks including: criminal record searches, driver abstract reviews and road test audits.

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ASL Delivers Clear & Transparent Costs

Thank you for your interest in working with ASL Distribution Services. Since ASL's mission is to warehouse and fulfil your brand your way, please take the time to answer a few questions and one of our dedicated Logistics Strategists will contact you shortly to discuss present pricing as well as your logistics, warehousing and distribution needs.