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ASL Warehousing Solutions - We help you manage your brand's warehousing and fulfilment — your way — with our flexible team and facilities.

We're always ready to help you with:

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    Inventory stocking & storage

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    Case, piece & pallet handling

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    Cross docking

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    Pick & pack

Our services

Warehousing Solutions

With multiple warehousing and cross-docking facilities strategically located in Canada and the United States, ASL can help you manage your warehousing and fulfilment. Think of it as your space and your team.

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    Kitting, rework & custom packaging

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    Returns management & reverse logistics

  • Value-added services (VAS)

  • e-commerce order fulfilment

  • Cross border proximity facilities

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    Drop shipping

Warehousing Solutions - ASL Distribution - 1
Warehousing Solutions - ASL Distribution - 3

Inventory stocking & storage

Flexible warehousing solutions to fit your business

We're ready to help with your specific distribution and warehousing needs. With our dynamic client-specific solutions, we can support the rest of your supply chain.

Seamless process

Before ASL begins stocking and storing your products, one of our expert Logistics Strategists works with you to precisely scope your warehousing and distribution needs. Your customized inventory storage plan establishes efficiencies in both timeliness and cost-effectiveness.

Advanced logistics systems

To ensure the highest level of accuracy, all products received into our facilities across the United States and Canada are entered into ASL’s advanced warehouse logistics management system for proper product placement and tracking. ASL employs the count back methodology to ensure inventory accuracy — cost effectively. Countback is particularly effective when linked with the Warehouse Management System and integrated with RF guns/scanners.

Failsafe picking

Countback becomes a "Failsafe" part of the pick process. After a pick, the system requires a countback on the remaining quantity on hand. If the count back quantity does not match the system inventory expectation — then a flag is raised. This "Failsafe" reduces error potential to only the current order being picked or the immediately preceding order.

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Case/piece/pallet handling & cross docking

One piece or one pallet — we can handle it


We're here to take the constraints off your supply chain. Whether you need to move one piece, one case, or one pallet, we can efficiently handle your needs.  Our expert logistics professionals work with you to develop a warehousing and distribution plan that accounts for all of the variances within your order fulfilment and logistical requirements.

We can handle it

As a full-service third-party logistics provider, ASL can handle all your needs: case, piece or pallet. At our facilities, we have the ability to provide storage warehousing with secure areas for high-value products as well as the option to break bulk or provide a critical United States or Canada consolidation point, saving costs on each shipment. ASL can also package product and print the required labels or packing slips to ensure proper delivery to the destination.

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You can take us for granted  — your brand is in good hands 

We don't mind being taken for granted. Receiving is a critical function in the distribution supply chain — but it's one of the functions we handle so efficiently you might never notice. Whenever you need a third-party logistics provider who can manage everything from EDI transactions to receiving, storage warehousing and beyond, think of ASL Distribution Services.

Any size

ASL can handle shipments from small to full container loads. Our experienced staff of Logistics Strategists work your way — to your specific requirements. Full EDI capability at each of our facilities helps automate the flow of data. We inspect, count and log all units/cases/pallets that enter our warehouses, and discrepancy procedures ensure the integrity of your inventory. You have 24/7 access to real-time inventory information.

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Your product fulfilled where, when and how you want it

Whether your product is bound for home and office delivery or an e-commerce order fulfilment, we ensure your product ends up exactly how, when and where you specify.

No need to check

In time, you'll find you never have to check on fulfilment. With ASL, you just take it for granted. With our state-of-the-art warehousing management system, we ensure every order is fulfilled accurately and efficiently. If desired, ASL can also apply bar codes to ensure compliance-ready products according to your customers’ requirements.


Returns management/ reverse logistics

We make your receiving and redistribution fast and accurate

We've got your brand's back with clean and efficient return and reverse logistics. We know it's important to your brand's reputation. ASL's modern storage warehousing program is ready to expedite on your behalf.

Proven Systems

Our proven systems have been designed to provide accurate records and timely turnarounds with immediate access to first-quality inventory. Whatever your specific returns processing or reverse logistics needs are, you can rest assured we'll take care of it.


Kitting, rework & custom packaging

Your brand, your packaging. 

ASL understands that kitting components together and offering customized packaging options is the key to delivering your brand straight to the customer’s door. Whether it is display-ready pallets, kitting projects or other special services that your customers may need regularly or intermittently, our warehousing and distribution teams are fully experienced and dedicated to providing you with logistics solutions that work.

We analyze your requirements and generate a proposal that offers the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your eCommerce order fulfillment and shipping needs.


Cross docking

Full pallet, case or hybrid – helping you find efficiencies

It can be reassuring to know that we've managed cross-dock functions for our customers for decades, not years or months. Cross-dock is an effective way to reduce costs under certain circumstances, but realizing efficiencies require expertise. For example, there are usually substantial savings on international LTL rates. We can manage both the truckload into Canada, and then domestic LTL to help you realize cost efficiencies in the final distribution to domestic Canada (either FTL or LTL):

  • Full pallet: You pick your orders either at the full pallet level (where applicable) or at the case level and complete the orders for the final destination. The product is then shipped to an ASL cross-dock facility where we separate the load by destination and ship the product to the final destination.
  • Case or break-bulk: Here, you either maximize the cube of the truck/container or maximize its efficiency by picking in bulk — the equivalent of a wave pick — then ship the load "as is" to the ASL's cross-dock facility. We then break the bulk shipment into orders for final distribution to your customer.
  • Hybrid: This is where a dependable, and experienced partner counts. Depending on your needs, you may need a hybrid of full pallet/case. You may also need a hybrid between inventorying of goods; for example: for slower moving goods, temporary staging of goods to maximize inbound efficiency and matching due dates; or, temporary staging to allow for consolidation to the consignee destination; through to pure cross-dock to name a few. You can depend on us to handle it.



e-commerce fulfilment

Fulfilling your brand promise online

End-to-end e-commerce (eCommerce) can really boost your brand's bottom line — but only if you have a reliable partner with many years of experience, and, a trusted partner who can work your way. With almost a half a century of expertise, ASL’s Professional Distribution Services division (PDS) has the knowledge and tools you need to make order processing and fulfilment a worry-free.

Your invisible partner

As your invisible strategic partner, PDS develops a customized workflow that delivers your brand into the hands of your customers — your way. From receiving, picking, packing, shipping — and even home delivery — PDS delivers on each step of the process to your exact specifications.

Our order fulfilment system can integrate with your existing website, making the process an entirely your-brand experience. Full EDI capability assures data integrity and maximizes the velocity of the order cycle. Web-based access to your information and automated reports combine to give you the information you need to run your business and optimize your supply chain.

Whether eCommerce is your main sales channel or an add-on to help you reach new markets, ASL’s Professional Distribution Services (PDS) division has a logistics program to ensure you capture these revenues in a cost-effective manner. Trust ASL Distribution for all your warehousing solutions needs.



Removing the middle — drop ship for efficiency

Why keep goods in stock, costing money, when you could arrange to ship the goods directly to the customer from your manufacturer or distributor. With our expertise, it's easy to manage — as always, while protecting and enhancing your brand.

As your drop-ship vendor logistics provider, ASL's Professional Distribution Services division can fulfil your e-commerce (eCommerce) orders, shipping directly to your end customers at locations you specify.

Protect your brand

With drop-shipping, you can work from your office or home, without needing to support an expensive warehouse and fulfilment facility. You sell, market your products and profit while PDS does all the back end fulfilment work


Pick & pack

Advanced Infosystems ensure maximum velocity and precision

What would you like in a "pick & pack" service? Chances are, you'll answer speed and accuracy. Our sophisticated warehousing and distribution management software ensures both high velocity and accuracy for pick and pack orders.

Piece, case or pallet

We provide an unparalleled flexibility, even picking by the piece, case or pallet. We back that with checks and inspections.


Full EDI capability assures data integrity and maximizes the velocity of the order cycle. Web-based access to your information and automated reports combine to give you the information you need to run your business and optimize your supply chain.

Value-added services

Warehousing solutions built around your brand

When you partner with ASL Distribution Services, we become more than a third-party logistics company. At every stage of our relationship — regardless of the services we provide — we treat your brand as if it was our most valuable asset. We work with you to pro-actively develop customized strategies for everything from warehousing and eCommerce order fulfilment to truck transportation services.

ASL supports a wide array of value-added services that have been developed in partnership with our clients. These services include collation, sticker attachments, seeding, labelling, light assembly and other forms of finishing, including kitting and display-ready pallets. When developing value-added solutions, our Logistics Strategists will work with you to identify a flow chart of your supply chain and identify areas that can use more support and make the overall operation more efficient.


Cross border proximity facilities

Pushing our boundaries — supporting your growth

We can help open your business to new international opportunities without the time, hassle and expense traditionally associated with cross-border distribution. We provide access to both Canadian and US distribution centres, helping to make e-commerce in both countries more accessible and affordable.

Flexible cross border solutions

Whether you need an address for business transactions, cross dock services, consolidation and de-consolidation of shipments for a reduction of clearance charges or warehouse and order fulfilment in a foreign land, we can design a solution to satisfy your needs.

Request rates

ASL delivers clear & transparent costs

Thank you for your interest in working with ASL Distribution Services. Since our mission is "We've got your brand" we do it your way.  Please take the time to answer a few questions to help us understand your needs and brand. One of our dedicated Logistics Strategists will contact you shortly to discuss your logistics, warehousing and distribution needs and budget.