Announcing our new 3PL/brokerage division, Precision Supply Chain Solutions (PSCS)

ASL Distribution continues to grow!  

We are excited to announce the launch of our new 3PL/brokerage division, Precision Supply Chain Solutions (PSCS). 

“Our customers are seeking high quality service between the United States and Canada and in response to their demands, we are launching our 3PL/brokerage division, Precision Supply Chain Solutions.” said Cole Dolny, President of ASL.  “Our company services have evolved due to customers’ changing needs, which has in many cases thrust us into new service offerings. We feel the time is right to expand our transborder and domestic services.”  

The U.S. / Canada corridor is a complex and lucrative market. ASL has serviced the U.S. market with their own fleet of trucks for the past two decades, but the demand for growth has made it necessary for ASL to expand coverage of the U.S. market.  PSCS’ mission is to outshine other transborder services and to mirror the award winning services ASL is best known for in the Canadian domestic market. 

Vicki Jackson, appointed as Business Manager for Precision Supply Chain Services, has 30 years experience in the domestic and international transportation business. 

ASL’s unique market strength is high quality service achieved through their expertise and resources:

  • Experience in trucking; both LTL and truckload;

  • Superior carrier selection – finding the right fit – strong networking abilities through their affiliations with other carriers and industry associations;

  • In-house carrier with a network of equipment and warehousing locations across Canada and the United States to draw upon for consolidation opportunities and more;

  • Vicki Jackson’s international and domestic background and strong service values.

“The name Precision Supply Chain Services reflects the encompassing services that we offer in handling our customers’ supply chain needs. Successful transborder and domestic freight movements involve a lot of attention, coordination and precision, something we excel at.” said Vicki Jackson, Business Manager of Precision Supply Chain Solutions.

If you require any additional information on our new division, please contact Karen Hammel, ASL Distribution, at 1-800-387-7995.