Starting Over, (3PL Logistically) Speaking

After 7 years in Internet sales and another 7 years in Shipping Software sales, I felt comfortable in my abilities and considered myself to be someone genuinely qualified to take on the task of launching a newly designed website and E-Marketing marketing strategy for an historic 3PL logistics, Ecommerce Order Fulfillment and Transportation services company.            

Bristol warehouse resized 600 Warehouse in Windsor  Buffalo Warehouse

Having seen over a 1000 warehouses and their many unique combinations of services from Giant Customized Warehouse & Transportation Management Systems on one end to white boards and post-it notes on the other, if it was Picked, Packed and Shipped it I think I’ve seen it in action.  Plus having architected over 500 websites and email marketing programs in industries such as hospitality to automotive sales to travel associations and sporting organizations I spent a lot of hours in boardroom training sessions explaining the value of prompt follow up and communication. 

So naturally, I feel this will be a snap, right…?  Boy, was I mistaken!

I forgot or at least I failed to remind myself was that I was 7 years or so removed from LTL / Courier Rate shopping,  Ecommerce Order Fulfillment strategies or Search Engine Optimization and although I thought I was fairly “up on things” the reality was, once I began to roll up my sleeves and get to work, I felt like I was starting from scratch.  SEO, Meta tags, Pay Per Click… all terms of endearment but only a drop in the bucket in today’s world of “U-Tube”, “twitter”, “Facebook” and “blogging”.

As I tumbled deeper and deeper into a giant redwood tree worth of information necessary to re-educate myself, I came to the conclusion that I will never get a handle on or be able to completely understand everything needed to be successful in this venture.  What I need is a team of experts who can each take a piece of this project and make it their own.  

So, without further ado, It is my pleasure to introduce the ASL Distribution Services Limited team of experts and contributing authors, who over the coming months will be sharing their wisdom and insight of 100 + years of combined Logistics, Warehousing, Ecommerce, Line Haul, Regional Courier and Desktop Delivery services.

Cole Dolny, ASL President – 17+ years Leading ASL’s growth and development

Karen Hammel, ASL VP Sales & Marketing – 20+ years in Transportation & Warehousing sales

Clem D’Alessandro, ASL GM Facilities / Operations – 20 years of industry knowledge & solutions

Lee Banea, ASL Operations Warehouse Manager – 15+ years of knowledge & solutions

Brian Hamilton, Independent Logistics Consultant – 20+ years as an Industry consultant

Robert Kheir – ASL CFO – 15+ years of navigating corporations thru volitile economic conditions

I look forward to reading the insights and anecdotes of these wonderful and interesting contributing authors of the coming days, weeks, months and years.

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