Managing your over-sized delivery needs

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How many times has this problem occurred?  Your customer orders an oversized item online such as a TV or a large piece of furniture to be delivered to their home or office. Done. That was easy.  You entrust your order to your carrier to be delivered during the window required.  Confirmed.  So far, so good. On the date and time for the delivery, your customer’s order is being delivered.  But wait, there is a problem.  Your customer service team receives a phone call.  There is only one delivery person who is asking for your customer’s help in carrying the product from the truck to their house or office.   This is not possible, it’s risky and not an expectation on your customer’s part. You are given options from your carrier:

• Find another person very quickly who can assist with the inside delivery, which in reality, is not an option.

• You can reschedule the delivery and request 2 delivery persons for labour and in addition, you would need to   sign off that the original delivery was refused by the customer.

Both of these options are an inconvenience.

How do you solve this problem?

  1. Know Your Customer: Assess documented satisfactory customer feedback and compare to historical carrier performance data. Generally, purchasers of high value, large items have high expectations for quality delivery.  In addition, these shoppers are some of the best customers and are underwhelmed with the large-item delivery experience for a good percentage of the time. Poor experiences damage a retailer’s brand and have a profound effect on repeat business.
  2. Match Customer Needs to Your Carrier Choice: Choose a provider who will arrange for the delivery agent to bring the item through the front door of the building or the house or garage.  Furthermore you can seek out a provider who has an ample labour to safely carry the product, goes the last mile by setting up the item in the desired inside location,  assembles and/or installs the item with your customer’s approval and takes away the refuse.
  3. Outshine Your Competition: Ensure the carriers you choose (especially white-glove carriers that will enter a home or office) will effectively represent your brand. Delight your customers with a hassle-free delivery into your customer’s room of choice, along with a warm branded message from the driver thanking your customer for shopping with YOUR company.

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