10 mistakes to avoid when selecting a Last Mile delivery provider


 As you know, the purchase decision-making process generally involves the following steps:    

  1.     Need Recognition and Problem Awareness     

  2.     Information Search for possible alternatives

  3.     Evaluation of Alternatives

  4.     Purchase  

  5.     Post-purchase evaluation

      The third step involving the Evaluation of Alternatives (step c) can be simplified with the use of some valuable advice.  Advice that will be paramount to making a solid purchase decision, and avoiding what is commonly referred to as “buyer’s remorse” in the post-purchase evaluation stage.

 This advice comes in the form of 10 mistakes you can avoid when selecting a last mile delivery provider, and we will be investigating the entire list over the next few weeks.


Mistake #1.  Selecting drivers instead of brand ambassadors             

                    A solid, consistent “delivery experience” is crucial to your corporate success.   Drivers do simply what their title suggests; they drive trucks.               

                    Brand ambassadors ensure that your corporate reputation and brand equity is nurtured and enhanced.  Not only can they be relied upon for intact, on-time product delivery.  They outshine other drivers because they are uniformed, which results in a polished and professional image, and assist in delivering brand messaging with their courteous, accommodating service.  


Mistake #2.  Overlooking experience             

                    Does your product warrant special delivery needs?               

                   Perhaps specific delivery requirements vary among your customers?           

                   You must not overlook the fact that some logistics providers cannot provide the flexibility, or have the experience and the appropriate infrastructure required to accommodate your needs.  After all, front door and/or reception deliveries are vastly different from desktop or box placement deliveries.  For the latter to occur without fail, driver training and responsibility is essential.  Office furniture deliveries require extra resources in terms of qualified staff and equipment.             

                    Not every company has the extensive experience to ensure last-mile delivery success each and every time, and a genuine fit must exist with your last mile delivery provider to maximize your clients’ satisfaction.   


Please join us on our next blog, as we continue to highlight and investigate additional mistakes to avoid.

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