10 mistakes to avoid when selecting a Last Mile delivery provider (Part IV)

Welcome to the final installment of our continued investigation on preventing “buyer’s remorse” during the 3PL selection process.  
We have prepared a list of 10 mistakes you can (and should) avoid during this process, and have highlighted each one in previous blog posts.  
This week, we will review the last few criteria that should not be overlooked and they include:

Mistake #9 – Choosing a 3PL provider with Limited Delivery Options   

        As your business evolves, so does your customer base.  Dock-to-dock deliveries can be conducted by just about every 3PL provider.  But not every provider can provide solid service to your residential clients, your retail business clients, or government institutions.  The logistical requirements of these clients are very unique and, thus, require a 3PL provider who is as knowledgable about these needs as they are experienced in handling them.  You need to be certain that your logistics partner can handle the specialized needs of each and every sector of your business.


Mistake #10 – Sacrificing Flexibility 

        Flexibility is a quality that any business must demonstrate to remain successful in our ever-changing economy.  It is extremely rare to find a company that ships the same exact product to the same customer, the same way, every day of the year.   Should you select a 3PL provider with limited flexibility in terms of delivery options and geographic coverage, you may face service issues and unexpected cost increases in the future.   Flexibility is a crucial key to both finding synergy with your logistics partner, and ensuring a successful supply chain management structure.  
By avoiding these common mistakes during your selection process, it is certain that you will create a more solid and secure last-mile experience not only for your customers, but for your overall brand.  
The time spent conducting your due diligence will result in peace of mind and will certainly prevent the sense of “buyer’s remorse” that often results from hasty business decision-making.  
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