10 mistakes to avoid when selecting a Last Mile delivery provider (Part III)

Welcome to the third installment of our continued investigation on preventing “buyer’s remorse” during the 3PL selection process.  

We have prepared a list of 10 mistakes you can (and should) avoid during this process, and have highlighted each one in previous blog posts.  

This week, we continue to uncover some of the items in this list and specifically, we have chosen to review the following:

Mistake #6 – Making a Selection without Testing   

        Risk reduction policies are critical to solid business decision-making.  No matter how minimal you foresee the pending impact that will result from your transition to a new logistics partner, be sure to request a few test shipments, or a pilot project before making a full commitment.   This will provide you with piece of mind on the validity of a carrier’s claims of service.

Mistake #7 – Not Specifying Delivery Type 

        Every product and company has its own operational requirements that must be adhered to, in order to maximize customer satisfaction.  As your logistics partner becomes an extension of your business, they must have the ability to accomodate the specific delivery needs of your customers.  
Do some customers require curbside delivery, while others require front/back door delivery?  Perhaps other customers require a desktop, residential delivery?  Perhaps your customers could benefit from some assembly or installation work upon delivery?  
A fit MUST exist between your specific delivery requirements and the service offerings of your logistics partner.


Mistake #8 – Failing to Guarantee Security

         During the selection process, you must determine the extent to which your logistics partner can guarantee the security of your product, as well as your brand equity.  Security extends beyond simply protecting against product damage or theft. It should extend to include considerations for protecting customer and public safety at all times.  
All companies in your selection pool should be completing extensive background and security checks on delivery and warehouse personnel.  Regularly scheduled equipment checks are essential to ensuring over-the-road safety, and routine training sessions with drivers help to ensure consistent service excellence in the delivery process.  
Join us again next week, when we will conclude our investigation on the mistakes that you can avoid when the time comes to select your third party logistics provider.  
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