With the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, we want to assure our customers and partners that we are working hard to serve you during these challenging times. ASL has been deemed as an essential service provider and continues to be open for business.

These are remarkable circumstances for the entire world.  The COVID-19 pandemic makes it clear how interconnected we are in the entire world as well as the responsibilities we have for one another. We will continue to monitor the news and any reports or requirements from municipal, provincial and federal authorities and will adjust and communicate our plans as required and/or necessary.

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ASL wants to ensure that the health, safety and overall wellbeing of our valued  employees, our independent operators and customers is our top priority in continuation of service.

With this in mind, and in consultation with municipal, provincial and federal resources we have instituted the following risk mitigation and business continuity plans:

Workplace Risk Mitigation

  • Designated a COVID-19 Response Team and have implemented worker and workplace protection strategies.  These include visual training aids and promoting regular and thorough hand-washing and/or sanitizing along with good respiratory hygiene by our employees and independent operators as well as those who need to visit our facilities (i.e. transportation partner drivers, contractors, etc.) and have increased the number of sanitation stations.
  • Instituted a cleaning regimen to ensure workplaces and common areas are disinfected twice daily (in addition to promoting individual employees to clean their work areas on a more frequent basis).
  • Restricted non-essential access to our facilities and postponed non-essential supplier and/or customer on-site visits. Screening is performed for all employees, contractors and visitors before allowing entry.
  • Daily departmental safety meetings including checking and reporting of any symptomatic employees or contractors. As an alternative to conducting internal meetings in boardrooms/meeting rooms, we are utilizing conference calls or on-line virtual meetings
  • To protect customers and drivers, we have adopted a no signature methodology for our Final Mile deliveries whereby we have temporarily suspended the procedure of having the consignee sign on the drivers’ electronic tablet upon delivery. This new policy is effective immediately and is also expanding to LTL and truckload pick-ups and deliveries in preliminary designated areas. The usual procedure will be resumed when appropriate.  Consequently, you will no longer have access to the consignee’s signature; only the name of the consignee entered by the driver will be available.

Business Continuity Planning

  • Instituted a remote workforce strategy such that personnel not actively involved in handling and transporting product (with the exception of required managerial supervision) is set up to work from home. This was tested by our IT and systems group. Additionally some personnel are already currently working from home.
  • Restricted all business travel with the proviso that on-line virtual meeting tools be used as an alternative.
  • Continually working to secure additional resource capacity from our existing and potentially new suppliers as it relates to labour (drivers for our private fleets and warehouse workers for our facilities) as a contingency plan.
  • Consulted with our transportation partners to understand their business continuity plans and garner commitments to ensure our service with them will continue uninterrupted.

During this time of uncertainty, ASL will continue to monitor and will adhere to the latest advisories from our municipal, provincial and federal governments, its agencies, and all regulatory bodies for the North American Transportation Industry. Please note that while restrictions and strategies will remain in effect until further notice, our proactive approach ensures that we are fully equipped to maintain operations with minimal disruption.

Any questions, concerns, or comments relating to COVID-19 can be directed to your assigned Account Manager or any member of our leadership team.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.  Please take care and we hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.


The ASL Team