INTRANET – Internal Ordering Systems

Let your local, regional or national sales and service people request new or replenish existing vital marketing material, POP displays, stocked parts or other necessary supplies usually sent from your head office. Why make a call? Now, simply order from our customized online ordering system! PDS can list your desired products complete with images, full descriptions and details to make it simple and easy to place orders through shopping cart technology.

Our transportation management system (TMS) can enable your customers or employees to choose the most convenient, necessary or efficient and cost effective shipping method while tracking your orders at the same time too!

Intranet – Internal Ordering Systems Benefits:

  • Ordering with precise descriptions of products to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered;
  • Order the most effective shipping method from cost effective Ground Service to Rush Air service;
  • Online interface tracks inventory and other management measured metrics;
  • User friendly operating instructions save you precious time when placing your orders.