eCommerce Order Fulfillment

Fulfilling Your Brand Promise Online

With online retail sales growing significantly faster than sales at the traditional store level, many businesses are wondering about the best way to fulfill their online orders and distribute them to the rest of the world. From receiving a web order through to placing your product in your customers hands, PDS’s eCommerce services are ready to satisfy your order fulfillment needs. With integrated warehousing and distribution solutions, PDS has the ability to effectively manage all of your third-party logistics needs.

eCommerce Order Fulfillment is the process of receiving, storing, packaging, and shipping orders to end consumers who shop online. Those eCommerce retailers who are unable to or do not wish to take on the various complications of fulfilling their own orders, can simply outsource their fulfillment operations to companies such as PDS. Whether your company needs to outsource a few links of its supply chain or the entire process, getting the order from your website to the customer’s doorstep is what PDS does best. From the moment your customer clicks the submit button at the checkout screen, PDS manages your brand with industry leading speed and accuracy at a price you can afford.

As an award-winning service provider, PDS is favorably positioned to provide your company the care and attention you feel you deserve. We offer customization of services in all of our core disciplines. Whether you need a customized transportation solution, warehouse arrangement, fulfillment service or ecommerce integration, PDS can accommodate your needs.

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