PRECI5ION Home & Office Deliveries

Your Brand Promise Delivered Right To Your Customer’s Door

Often, the most difficult part of any journey is that last mile. At PRECI5ION, the last-mile division of ASL, we embrace this challenge and help your company’s brand reach each customer successfully. We go beyond basic eCommerce order fulfillment and standard courier transportation services. PRECI5ION Home & Office Deliveries will deliver your brand directly into your customers’ hands, on time and intact.

Acting as an extension of your brand, your dedicated Logistics Strategist customizes each account to ensure that your products are delivered in a manner consistent with your overall brand image. With this assurance in mind, PRECI5ION is capable of executing any special needs you may have, including small-to-large and awkward size shipments, special messaging, box placement, etc. We have experience handling all types of deliveries.

Our drivers are more than just drivers; they’re your brand’s ambassadors. With a friendly and courteous smile, each PRECI5ION delivery driver is responsible to carry your brand’s equity through your customer’s doors by recognizing that we represent your organization and by delivering the product(s) exactly where your customers need it (any person, any room, any floor, any location). That’s why all our home & office delivery personnel undergo extensive ongoing training, safety and security checks. Click here to view the PRECI5ION Driver Criteria – Compliance Checklist.