Logistics Strategists

Your Personal Supply Chain Manager

Sales reps and customer service associates are great. But they alone won’t get your products from point A to point B on time and intact. At ASL, we understand the importance of taking a strategic approach to third party logistics, warehousing and distribution. That’s why we provide every one of our clients with a dedicated Logistics Strategist.

Your Logistics Strategist coordinates all of your account management needs and oversees the critical flow of your goods and merchandise, providing regular reviews of your current distribution strategy and making recommendations that save you money, improve your distribution and enhance your brand.

As your company’s brand advocate, your Logistics Strategist will coordinate ASL’s expert customer service representatives, traffic, fleet, IT and warehouse personnel, ensuring that all elements of your distribution strategy work seamlessly together. By creating a cross-functional team of logistics specialists whose primary collective goal is breaking down traditional supply chain barriers, we improve your operational processes to achieve your distribution goals.

Learn about how a Logistics Strategist can help your company:

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