Desktop and Box Placement

Deliver Your Brand Right Into Your Customers’ Hands

At PRECI5ION, our delivery infrastructure was developed to integrate two challenging requirements: Desktop Deliveries and Box Placement at your customers’ location.

Many companies and multi-family residences have increasingly complex delivery requirements, such as: delivering products to a specific department, right to a person’s office, directly within a storage or locker room or to a specific floor of an apartment building.

With these requirements in mind, we’ve designed a delivery model that caters to your customers’ needs. Last mile deliveries require very specific processes to be put in place for many customers, especially when delivering to homes, hospitals, schools, retailers, office buildings, government buildings, condominiums and other locations with unique requirements. Desktop and Box Placement by PRECI5ION makes it easy to accommodate the delivery needs of each specific customer.

Relationship building by our drivers is a key step in the delivery process, since we will often be the last direct “touch-point” with your customer(s), we are responsible for representing your brand. With that in mind, our drivers are trained to behave courteously and serve your customers with a smile. Each driver has a regular route and can get to know each customer, allowing us to cater to your customers’ specific needs and act as an extension to your business.

We value a three tier developmental stage in regards to our drivers, i) Recruiting Talent ii) Training to meet expectations and iii) Driver Retention. We know how frustrating for your customers a high turn-over ratio in drivers can be, especially when they have specific requirements at the delivery location, it is for that reason that we have developed a 3 tier system to offer consistency in the people and services we offer.

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